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History of the Championship The manoeuvring championship started in 1985 with a group of caravan club members  getting together to form a competition with caravans. Although the Caravan Club initially frowned on the idea, when Swift Caravans were approached they looked at it differently. Swift put up some trophies and hence the series started and was named THE SWIFT CARAVANS DRIVERS CHAMPIONSHIP. The Caravan Club were approached and they gave the championship Caravan Club Recognised status which still exists to the present day and is run under the Caravan Clubs General Standing Regulations.  It started with one division and as more drivers joined drivers in 1990 a second division was formed and in1991 a third division was added at its peak there were around forty drivers competing on a fairly regular basis.In 1992 Swift Caravans decided not to further its sponsorship and a new sponsor was sought, this came by the way of The SPRITE LEISURE GROUP who provided trophies tee shirts sweat shirts and hats. This is when it was decided to change the name for obvious reasons and THE CARAVAN MANOEUVRING CHAMPIONSHIP was formed, this meant that should a sponsor be lost then it would not mean a name change in the future. In 1995 SPRITE Group folded and were taken under the wing of SWIFT  so new sponsors were sought and in the Yorkshire Area  Ebor Caravans and then Countrywide Leisure took over until in 2001 SWIFT bought them out.

Since then it has been run as a stand alone championship.

From the Beginning the Five Yorkshire Centres, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire Centres have run Manoeuvring events where the CMC were invited to compete and take the results for the championship.

Of The last few years Northants and Rutland have also invited the CMC. Every season has culminated in September at The Joint Yorkshire Track Test Rally. Now known  as THE JOINT YORKSHIRE SIX STAR RALLY which is always well worth a visit.   

New members are always welcome and start in the lower division, as they become more proficient can work their way up in the championship. It caters for all drivers and helps improve caravan driving skills.

Championship events are held all around Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire & Northamptonshire. Caravan manoeuvring has now been around for decades, basically since caravans were first built and the cars could hold oil in their engines for long enough to pull them! Today it has evolved into a competitive sport where an entrant is timed over a designated course. It's not just about speed, many tests involve reversing on the blind side of the driver, a co-driver is essential to lend a helping hand and their teamwork is definitely what's needed to win.
Apart from the track testing many of the events incorporate a wide range of activities from remote control car racing to face painting for the kids, quizzes and fun run manoeuvring where the co-driver has to hold a tray of water or jelly while the driver completes the course. It can get messy!!
We hold communal barbecues in the evenings where everyone gets together and generally enjoys a nice relaxing weekend amongst friends.Come and join us and see for yourself !!!

Created by Andy Ingham